After someP&P author traumatic experiences in my life, including the deaths of many near and dear to me,  I found myself going to a shrink to work out some of the stuff that was in my head. (I’m a New Yorker; we fully believe in therapy.)

To get the most value of my limited time with said shrink, I made a bullet point list of all of the weird experiences in my life, along with a “death map” of the many very important people in my life who have died.

Realising how many odd things have occurred to me unlike anyone I know, I started to pen “The Book” (yes, in air quotes). As journaling has always been my thing since I was a kid, it was a familiar way for me to get the stories and emotion from my head onto the page…and to help clear up the emotional toll within me. Any audience was unintentional in my mind.

These are those stories. Along with some others. They’re not all about death or icky situations; some will give you laughs (I hope!).

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